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Tex 35 Poly bonded sewing string 4oz
Unicorns maneFairy flossVillainousDementorsCelebrationStrawberry shortcakeUnder the seaCandy caneUbeBlue MoonBlack WidowPhoenix fire+ 9 more
Tex 80 Poly bonded sewing string 16oz
Unicorns maneFairy flossVillainousDementors KissCelebrationUbeSilverDusty RoseCaribean MintBubble gumI smell childrenPhoenix fire+ 10 more
Sewing clips in keep container
Small 50 clips light greenSmall container 50 orangeSmall container 50 whiteKraft brown+ 2 more
Tex 30 Spun Polyester Sewing String - 8oz Spool - Variegated
Unicorns maneFairy flossVillainousCelebrationPhoenix fire+ 2 more
Tex 35 Poly bonded sewing string solid colours 4oz
Badger YellowLime greenLion redSerpent greenEagle blueBlack+ 3 more