How do I keep up to date on the daily and become a VIP in the Inklings world?

Fantastic question. I generally tend to update the Facebook group/community daily about where preorders are at and when retail drops will be and general all round community support is there too.

Oh, and sometimes a giveaway. 


Do you have a bricks and mortar store I can come and pat the pretty fabrics?

Oh, that’s the dream, isn’t it? A store surrounded by all the fabrics and bits. Image it “Hills are alive with the sound of music” style arms out twirling in the middle of the store. Sigh. Unfortunately, No. We are an online only store at this point in time.

How can I pay for my pretties? (Payment methods)

We currently offer Paypal or Shopify payments (ie credit card or debit card). I am also looking into adding Shop pay and some sort of layby app... stay tuned for more info on that.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

I do! You will find them in the special sauce section of our website.

What exactly is a “Preorder”?

Ok so Preorders are when I post items for sale that have not been ordered yet. This allows you to order as much as you want on as many bases without the stress that is usually involved in a retail drop. You will find it is slightly cheaper for a preorder BUT there is a larger turnaround time because we have to submit the order, get it all printed, and then throw it on a boat to Australia. Then when it finally arrives to me it has to be cut down and posted out to you. It’s a good way to guarantee you get what you need BUT it is not for the impatient. 

Do you offer combined shipping?

Gah. Ok so we did. But it did not go well. And it also increased the shipping times. So, while I wish I could say yes. NO unfortunately it is no longer feasible for us to combine orders.

Shipping times

Ok so this is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string?” type question. As a general rule and to cover myself I say that retail shipping can take up to a week as there are so many factors involved... was there just a massive retail drop? Did a preorder just arrive that needs to go out asap? Did I fall down and now I can’t get back up. As a one woman show I try my best to get it shipped asap. But also, it can take up to a week. If it goes over a week and you haven’t seen anything to say it’s on its way, please feel free to email me or message me on Facebook.

If you are asking how long until preorders are shipped. We Ship within 10-14 weeks. It used to be 8-12, but then flight costs exploded (damn pandemic) and we had to start going via a boat. 

Do you offer returns?

Not to toot my own horn BUT the only time someone has received the fabrics and wanted to send them back is I sent the wrong base. But should something have gone wrong please message me either via email or Facebook page (probably the best way as admins also monitor this) 

We do not refund/return for change of mind.

Also, while I try really hard to get them right, colours may vary from your screen to real life. The true colour of a product, May just be a bit of a stupid thing to bloody photograph. OR your screen settings might be different, I do not offer returns on a product because they may have appeared a different colour on your screen or monitor. Sorry. 

What are your fabric bases?

This is the current list of bases. It is always being added to or occasionally I will remove a base. 

Printed Fabric Bases-

• Cotton lycra knit fabric, 220-240gsm, 95%Cotton/ 5%Spandex

• Swim fabric, 240gsm, 85%Polyester/ 15%Spandex

• Squish, 380gsm, 92% Polyester/ 8%Spandex

• Boardshort, 120gsm, 100% Polyester (width different 144-147cm)

• Cotton Woven, 150gsm, 100% cotton

• French Terry, 280gsm, 95%Cotton/ 5% Spandex

• Minky, 240gsm, 100%Polyester

• Bamboo Lycra, 240gsm 95%Bamboo/ 5%Spandex

• Canvas, 280gsm 100% Cotton
• Bamboo Ribbing

• Sports Performance (Athletic knit), 85% Polyester/ 15% Spandex

• Buttery smooth Synthetic leather (softer,slightly thinner, smooth surface, woven back)

• Standard Synthetic leather (thicker, textured surface, woven back)

Solid Bases

• Cotton Lycra, 230gsm width 175cm

• French Terry, 250gsm, width 185cm

• Bamboo, weight between 220-240gsm, width 175cm

• Linen woven, 200gsm, width 140cm

• Organic cotton woven 140-145 gsm, width 110-115cm 

• Modal Lycra, 180gsm, width 170cm

• Canvas, 270gsm, width 145cm

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