Never fear! Sports Performance is here!


Have you seen the bright, colourful and unique leggings and athletic tops featured on the Inklings pages? How about those amazing strike sews that you’ve wanted to replicate?


Sports performance fabric may seem scary and daunting at first. However, if you’ve ever sewn with Cotton Lycra, Bamboo Lycra or any other type of stretchy knit, then you can most certainly sew with Sports Performance.


Composed of 85% polyester and 15% spandex, Sports Performance is a highly stretchy knit fabric. How stretchy? Well, Cotton Lycra typically contains 5% spandex if that’s an indication. Sports Performance features a gorgeous white, soft and plush backing that helps wick away sweat, whilst the outside has a subtle sheen that perfectly showcases the vibrant Inklings prints.


Sports performance is ideal for clothing that you need to have great recovery, such as workout clothing like leggings, singlets and crop tops, but it’s definitely not limited to active-wear. Think T-shirts, shorts, dresses… the sky’s the limit! Even better, you can create some amazing unique clothes and stand out from the crowd. Black leggings are great, but how about some Leopard print ones? Or maybe gorgeous Fluro Rainbow Snake Skin singlets?


So how do you sew it, I hear you ask? If you have a sewing machine, you’re set. An overlocker – even better. As it’s a knit, it won’t fray. Sew sports performance as you would any other knit and you’re on your way to an amazing looking wardrobe. Head to the link below to check out our amazing range of Sports Performance fabric and make it your Sewing Resolution to try a new fabric base!

March 14, 2023 — Jodie Stephenson

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