I had a hard time finding a good swim fabric. For months into my sewing journey I wanted to make my sons some swim rashies. This was back about 5 or more years. I sewed up a few rashies only for them to thin, pile really easily or stretch. Nothing was tolerating the boys, chlorine, sun or salt.
I also had a particular “feel” in my head. You know that lovely swim feel.
  Inklings swim is up there with the best. It’s tolerated many accidental tumble dries. It’s tolerated rough and tumble play in the sand. While nothing will tolerate sitting on concrete It holds up with the best. No holes. Hasn’t thinned. I trust my boys won’t get burnt when we are out in the sunshine. And the vibrant prints are always a focus for many compliments.
  My latest sew using Shanna Trees gorgeous artwork has to be hands down my favourite swim make. My youngest son has school swimming coming up in the new term and he is so exciting to use his new outfit!
  I have swim sitting for swimmers for myself and my other two sons using the gorgeous popular octopus print, the squid and the beautiful floral print. Bring on summer!! We are ready for swimming in our trustworthy inklings swimmers!
September 20, 2022 — Jodie Stephenson

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