Hello Darlings

Chey need a break from all the comparison sews and the epic Sew-a-long she did, so here I am. Head honcho at your service.

So while we are coming up to the 1st anniversary of Fizgig and Fezziks I thought it would be a great time to look back at our year and foward to a new one.

As most of you would know I started this business actually before the 1st of August but stopped because of some rather horrid online bullying from one particular person in the knit community. It reached the point where I removed myself from all knit groups and I didnt even sew for around 4 months. It was a mental break for me to decide on my priorities in my life and where I saw myself. After a rather pointed discussion with my husband where he asked me Why I had allowed a bully to do this to me. I decided he was right. I enjoyed sewing and I loved designing fabrics and I missed everyone. So I jumped back in. And after a few ups and downs over the past year where I questioned the sanity of continuing a business that was for some parts of the year.. taking up a lot of my time and making zero money. Had I made a terrible mistake? should I just go back to sewing ( it was quite profitable in my little business) But with a huge amount of support from my admin girls and lots of chats with other hosts. Here we are. Just getting better and better.


Our anniversary celebrations are gearing up to be amazing. With so many businesses jumping on board! not to mention amazing handmade prizes too.

Make sure you keep and eye out on the 1st of August when it all starts as the Major Prize will be


and just quietly I am hoping it will be a double celebration and we hit 2000 members before then too.

We will be releasing our first ever Mystery box as part of the celebrations. I am calling it our "Inspiration Station" and its pretty awesome. I will be showing the colourway so everyone sees it before putting them up for sale.

Once again guys. Thankyou for being part of my business and being so supportive throughout.

Jodie xx

July 05, 2019 — Jodie Stephenson


Jos said:

Hey Jodie
I only discovered your business recently and was lucky enough to buy some of your gorgeous fabrics. I’m so sorry you had deal with bullying but super thankful that you kept going because I’m loving your designs;)

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